Friday, March 20, 2009

Boat Tugging

Today I taught my second part of Lab C. Things went great, I couldn't of been happier. Even though I had a difficult part of the lesson to teach I feel I handled the class well. After a few instructions I had the class get right into the activity. Last time I didn't have the scooters ready for the students but this time I had everything set up for them right at their finger tips. I did a better job of keeping my back to the class and keeping all the students in my sight. I realize how important it is to be able to see everything that is going on in case a problem errupts I will be able to see everything that happens. This is good because if there is a series problem or injury I could be liable because I wasn't doing my job of supervising the class. I felt very comfortable the whole time and was very clear with what I expected of the students. I'm being loud and firm with my voice and that is a very important part of being a teacher. Positive feedback is very important in any classroom. It's amazing seeing how excited students get when you give them a compliment, after that you see them putting in more effort and happy to be in the class. Watch me in action.

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Stephen Yang said...

Well done Mattt.
"back to the class" or back to the wall?