Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For Lab B we had the task of teaching a section of ultimate frisbee. I chose to teach the students how to execute a long pass againest a defender. This lab we had a microphone hooked up to us so we could record what we were saying. After listening to my dialogue and recording it I was shooked at how many times I used fillers. I must have used the words "Ok" and "so" more than twenty times in a five minute period. After listening to it a couple of times I got annoyed at how many times I said them so I can't even imagine what the students were thinking about me repeating myself. Saying "ok" over and over again makes you sound like you don't know what is going on or that you're not confident in what you're doing and that is the last thing you want to demonstrate to your students. Doing exercises and more practice will help to eliminate how many times I use filler words like "ok" and "so".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Timing is Everything

As I watched my second attempt for Lab A I felt that I did a better job than the first time. When I broke it down however, I feel I could and should have done a better job managing my time. In a three minute lesson, I spent more than half the time giving instructions where the students weren't active. One of my biggest problems was that I gave the students too many cues which not only confused them but also took up more time for instruction and less time for activity. We have a goal to have our students engage in activity for at least fifty percent of the time which I didn't achieve. Seeing students stand around is never a good thing and it's important to keep your students involved and active.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


After watching the video of my first day teaching I didn't give any feedback to anyone during the lesson. Feedback is good to give because it motivates your students and it lets them know if they are doing the task right. It also important to give specific feedback to certain students. If I'm giving someone some negative feedback it's good to say something positive along with the negative comment to make sure the student doesn't get discouraged. The more feedback you give during the lesson the better off you are.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is that me talking?

After listening to the video of myself teaching from the first day I recorded my speech and I was a little suprised. Even though the camera was far away and you could really hear the audio that well I still need to project my voice more. When I was speaking I wasn't saying full sentences and used some abbreviated words like "gonna". I also used the word "alright" too much. It's interesting to hear yourself and then it write back what you said, you don't realize some of the things you said and how you said it. I feel that this is a great tool and by recording everything you say you will be able to eliminate some of the unnecessary or incorrect words. I'm excited to do this exercise again and see my improvements. Check out my dialogue!