Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is that Tiger Woods?

Wow! This semester really flew by. Looking back on everything I think I have made many improvements. I remember when I first taught I wasn't really confident and as a result of that I wasn't enthusiastic and didn't project my voice. Every time I taught I tried to be bring a lot of excitement to the class because when you are excited your students will be excited and therefore will be open to new things.One important thing I learned and will use every time I'm teaching is providing feedback to your students. The more you can give and the more specific the feedback is the better job you are doing as a physical educator. It's amazing to see how your students respond when you provide them positive feedback compared to negative feedback. When you are positive they are open to your suggestions. When you are negative they get defensive and tune you out, they also get discouraged and want to quit. That is why when you give negative feedback make sure you follow that by saying something that they are doing good.Even though there are still things I need to learn and experience I feel like have grown tremendously in 4 months time and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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