Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PE conference at SUNY Cortland

On October 9th I attended the Physical Education mini conferenence at SUNY Cortland. I went to Dr. Yang's presentation which I participated in. It was a very interesting presentation. He had stations set up that incorporate physical activity into playing video games. Through the use of new technology you can exercise while playing video games. I played a game of Madden on playstation 3 while i was cycling on a bike. The bike was hooked up to the playstation and in order to play the game you had to peddle the entire time and if you stopped the game would pause, and you couldn't resume the game until you started to cycle again. I was moving the entire time elevating my heart rate while play a video game I enjoy. My game drew a lot of attention by the people observing the presentation and they all seemed to be interested in this new technology. All the students that participated in this presentation were hooked up to heart rate monitors which you could see the readings on a projection screen. It was cool to see how much I was excerting myself while playing the video game as well as the other student participants. I found this mini conference to be very educational and fun.

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